custom mtb training in the dolomites

Technical skills and confidence

Never stop learning

  • Tired of getting off the bike to avoid a technical passage, a jump, a bend that is too demanding?
  • Would you like to try the bike park trails but need advice on how to approach the descents?
  • What do you think about challenging yourself to improve, having more fun on technical trails?


Upskill tours are designed to improve your technical skills and confidence in your abilities.

Proceeding step by step, it will be possible to learn and improve by pedaling along a trail specifically chosen and based on rider’s abilities.

You will learn while having fun. The tours will be dedicated to technique  and they will be stimulating because you will have the opportunity to experience new sensations while wandering around the trails and parks. Learning will thus be more effective and easier.

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Here are some of the aspects we can work on together during a tour:

It is essential to be comfortable and confident in controlling the bicycle. This includes skills such as balancing, maneuvering and effective turns.

Mastery of climbing and descending techniques is important for navigating varied terrain. This includes skills such as gear selection and controlling speed when going downhill.

Correct progression requires overcoming obstacles such as stones, roots, barriers, steps and drops. Skills such as bunny hop and wheelie are essential for safe and active driving.

Knowing correct braking techniques is essential to maintaining control and speed management on descents. Learning when and how to modulate the brakes effectively can avoid skidding and loss of control.

Knowing how to position your body on the bike can improve stability and control. This includes techniques such as keeping your weight centered, leaning into turns, and shifting your body weight to improve traction.

For more experienced riders, jumping and falling skills come into play. It’s about understanding techniques such as preload, timing of takeoff and landing, and maintaining stability in the air

Learning to read the trail and anticipate obstacles is essential for safe and efficient riding. This includes evaluating terrain characteristics, choosing the best line and adjusting your riding technique accordingly to it.

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With this e bike tour we will ride close to unforgettable peaks of incomparable beauty. The tour constantly develops between the view of Pelmo, the so called trhone of God and Civetta also known as the wall of the walls, the Cathedral of the Dolomites able to enchant at every glance.
Riding close to the “big”
E bike directly in the heart of the Dolomites, a unique tour in the world, retracing the famous winter circuit of the 4 passes, Gardena, Campolongo, Pordoi and Sella, by mtb. It is a must for 2-wheel fans! consideering technical level of the tour it is necessary to wear protection
Single trails across 4 passes
The one around Sassolungo and Sassopiatto is one of the most beautiful e-bike tours that can be found in the Dolomites: boundless and varied panoramas can be admired throughout the entire e bike tour, spectacular scenery, grandiose surroundings, mountain huts and mountain pastures at high altitudes will accompany us to live an unforgettable experience. This e bike tour is 100% developed on forest roads, dirt roads and paths

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