Difficulty Rating System for
E-Mountainbike Tours

Physical effort- from 1 to 5

1 Very Easy: (≤100m D+ <8km)
Mainly flat with little difference in altitude and a few kilometres.

2 Easy: (>400m D+ >10km)
Some section of light climbs.

3 Moderate: (>700m D+ >15km)
Climbs with medium gradients / medium length tours.

4 Intense: (>1500m D+ >30km)
Long climbs, itineraries of 6 hours or more.

5 Very Challenging: (>2500m D+ >50km)
Long climbs with very demanding sections, itineraries lasting 8 hours or more.

TECNICAL DIFFICULTY - Rating made by CAI (Club Alpino Italiano)

TC tourist capacity
route on dirt roads with a compact and smooth surface

MC – medium capacity
route on dirt roads with a slightly bumpy or slightly irregular surface (sheep tracks, cart tracks…) or on paths with a compact and smooth surface.

BC – good skills Route
on very bumpy dirt roads or on mule tracks and paths with a rather bumpy but fairly smooth surface or compact but irregular, with some natural obstacles (e.g. rock steps or roots).

OC – excellent
ability as above (BC) but on paths with very uneven and/or very irregular surfaces, with significant presence of obstacles.

EC – excellent ability
route on very irregular paths, characterized by steps and obstacles in continuous succession, which require trialistic techniques.