Come and ride your mtb it with us in a journey through time and space

The Dolomites are a real-time machine. By riding your e-bike along them you can make leaps into the remote past of the history of planet Earth. The detail and variety of geological subjects encountered are truly unique in the world.

The Dolomites, defined as the most beautiful mountains in the world, appear like an enormous castle made up of infinite Spiers, towers and pinnacles that stand out above green expanses.

Born from the sea, emerging from the waters, devastated by volcanic eruptions and powerful earthquakes, shaped by wind and ice, they have come down to us unique and unrepeatable, to the point that they were declared a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE in 2009.

The UNESCO Dolomites are made up of nine systems (mountain groups), which contain recognized aspects of universal value.

 Can you imagine the sensation of riding among this unique landscape and being part of it?
Don’t wait,  all these await you!

One-day e-bike tour in the Dolomites

classic or LESS known routes?

The Dolomites are like home for us, we love both retracing the great classics with you, with the iconic Dolomite views but also guide you  to explore less known and.less frequented valleys. The possibilities in the Dolomites are almost endless. Take an imaginary ride among our proposals and if you still have doubts about the perfect destination… contact us, we will be happy to find the route that’s right for you.

Multiday tours


Multiday tours​

Do you want to add a little more adventure to your holiday? Do you want to experience the emotion and suggestion of sleeping in a mountain hut? Then all you have to do is leave with us for a tour of two or more days to experience the feeling of detachment from everyday reality completely surrounded by nature and mountains.

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