Pale di San Martino

Riding in Stradivari’s forest

750 mt D+

Total ascent

25 km


2170 mt

Highest point


Technical difficulty

100 %

Rideable time

99 %


5 %

Single Track


Physical effort


An e bike tour in front of Pale di San Martino. First we will be accompanied by the Travignolo stream with its green woods and then we will go up the fairytale Val Venegia with its pastures splendidly dominated by the profile of the Pale. Mulaz, Focobon, Bureloni and Cimon della Pala rise majestically. A break at the Malga Juribello which offers typical local and genuine products will refresh us before riding back.

Biking in Pale di San Martino is an ebike tour characterized by unique scenery and splendid views in the presence of Pale di San Martino. First we will be accompanied by the Travignolo stream with its green woods and then we will go up through the fairytale Val Venegia with its pastures splendidly dominated by the profile of the Pale. Mulaz, Focobon, Bureloni and Cimon della Pala rise majestically.

A refreshing break at the Malga Juribello will offer us the opportunity to taste typical local and genuine products.

On the way back we will experience an electrifying adventure in the Paneveggio Natural Park, where spruces make up almost 90% of the trees in the forest.

It is said that it was Stradivari himself who wandered around the forest of Paneveggio in search of the most suitable trees for the construction of his violins: centuries-old spruces whose wood, thanks to its particular capacity for “resonance”, provided the ideal raw material for the construction of the sound boxes. Spruce wood is in fact particularly elastic, transmits sound better and its lymphatic channels are like tiny organ pipes that create resonance.

According to ancient tradition, the days that precede or follow the new moon in December are the most suitable for cutting: part of the trunks are immersed in the Travignolo stream where “the winter water caresses them, shake them, make them vibrate and play”. In May they are taken and processed to obtain fine wooden planks.

The e bike tour ends with passage over the suspended bridge and a suggestive tour around Lake Paneveggio.

This ebike tour is suitable for everyone, even beginners, and is ideal for cycling in the Dolomites in a highly fascinating context.

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To book a tour you can write us a message from the form or contact us directly via email or whatsapp. On the contact page you will find all in our references.

Call us. Thanks to our network of knowledge in the area, we help you orient yourself in the myriad of rental offers and brands to find the e-bike to rent that best suits your characteristics and the tour chosen. Once we have identified the most suitable model, we will take care of booking the bike.

Don’t have space in the car or don’t have the possibility to collect your e-bike from the rental? no problem, we’ll find it for you directly at the start of the tour

We will come to pick you up directly at your accommodation and take you back after the tour.

The guide will provide you with all the details of the tour and will send you the exact location and meeting time which varies depending on the tour chosen

The guide, based on the difficulty of the chosen tour, identifies the maximum number of participants and, if necessary, involves a second guide

Scarpe tecniche / scarpe da ginnastica comode per pedalare. Chi ha il proprio equipaggiamento (casco, scarpe, pedali) può portarlo con sé

No problem, just let us know when booking and we’ll find it for you upon departure

Specific bike clothing is not essential but trousers with pads and gloves are advisable. Better to dress with a thermal t-shirt and a fleece and bring a wind stopper jacket

Technical shoes / comfortable sneakers for cycling. Those who have their own equipment (helmet, shoes, pedals) can take it with them

Windproof/rainproof jacket, fleece, spare t-shirt, sunglasses, sunscreen (in summer), snacks, energy bars, bottle of water.

If the e bike tour includes the use of ski lifts, in addition to the cost of the tour and bike rental, the price of the lift must be considered, which varies from time to time based on the number and type of lifts used.

La possibilità di effettuare materialmente l’attività è funzione di alcuni parametri ambientali e di specifiche situazioni.
Alcuni giorni prima dell’effettuazione del tour, sarà cura della Guida verificare le  condizioni meteo.

Certainly ! If you participate with your own e-bike, you must bring your own helmet, charge the battery and check the condition of the e-bike at home (brakes, tire pressure, suspension, puncture kit…).

In caso di completo annullamento dell’attività, questa verrà riprogrammata in accordo con la Guida per un data successiva.

It is possible to participate with a  mountain bike but this must be agreed upon with the guide when booking. An individual ad hoc tour will then be planned based on the participant’s requests. It is also possible to book in a group as long as everyone participates with a mountain bike. There are no mixed groups (mtb  and electric mtb)

The possibility of physically carrying out the activity depends on some environmental parameters and specific situations.

A few days before the tour, the Guide will check the weather conditions.

In case of impossibility to carry out the activity due to bad weather, the Guide will promptly notify the participants. The Guide reserves the right to make changes or cancellations to the original program in order to follow up on the booking previously made. To this end, the Guide reserves the right to partially modify the activity (meeting time, route followed, etc.)

In case of complete cancellation of the activity, it will be rescheduled in accordance with the Guide for a later date.