Guided e-bike tours

Mountain biking made easy

Looking out of your window in the majestic Italian mountains, you see some bikers venturing downhill

It looks so natural that you see yourself doing it. You are going through the moves, feel the wind on your face…
Your mind prompts your body to make the move.

Yes, I can do it. I would love to!

With the right guide, mountain biking is within your grasp. You can explore wide open scenery, brave trails you never thought you’d ride.

We believe that the e-bike is the way to explore and unlock the beauty of discovery.
You will be taken along the most beautiful routes in Italy. Put on your helmet… let’s hit the trails together!

Sellaronda 2 filtro SLIDESHOW

Riding An E-Bike Everywhere

best mtb tours in Italy

Riding in the nature is for everyone. Italy is plenty of trails and you can really choose the one that suites better for you.
Our selection focuses on more than just difficulty. We want you to experience the territory and the culture around it. Gaze, recharge of beauty and … challenge.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced biker, we have something for you.
Seek valuable tips on technique and a secure ride with your kids? We’ve got you covered.
Yearning to push your limits? Explore new terrain, bike parks, or unforgettable multi-day hut-to-hut adventures with us.
Are you wearing the sunglasses? … Let us show you the beauty that awaits.

Mountain Bike Holidays

Dolomites Mtb trails, classic and unbeaten

For nature lovers, mountain bikers and active holidaymakers, the eBike is the ideal travel companion. Thanks to electric traction, the eBike allows you to replace the car. Ideally, you can even forget the car during the trip, opting instead for public transport. Those who prefer to travel light can rent eBikes on site. Holidays also offer ideal inspiration for integrating electric mobility into everyday life.

While riding emtb out in the mountains, absolute respect for nature and trail regulations are essential. These rules serve to guarantee respectful coexistence between mountain bike lovers, eBikers and hikers, all in the name of harmony with nature.

We would like to raise people’s awareness on the topic of sustainable tourism with eBikes, in order to develop common creativity. Together we will discover how we can experience flow, in order to inspire more people to make their holidays more sustainable thanks to eBikes.

Cycling though Italy

the best e-mtb touring routes

The Italian landscape is something to relive, over and over. The terrain variety, breathtaking views, mouthwatering culinary traditions… ok, you’re in for a treat.

Gear up, it’s time to embark on an incredible journey!    

your majesties

The Dolomites

coming soon

coming soon

Personalized Mtb Training

Explore and Learn with our special program

It’s not your first experience on e bike yah… You know what it means to struggle on a descent.
Especially with e-bikes, it’s very easy to reach altitudes that later you don’t know how to run down.
In our special upskill tours you will be focused on downhill technique by riding on trails.
The aim is to improve technical skills on trails or bike parks by safely tackling technical passages (drops, jumps, rock gardens and roots) and improving cornering technique.

ebike lungo il sellaronda trail

Professional bike instructor and Guides

here we are!

guida ebike e mtb

We are Cristina and Marino, addicted to sport. We climb, ski and cycle during work and in our free time.
We have accompanied hundreds of people up and down the mountains and still haven’t tired of it. Through MountainStudio20 we want to promote slow, sustainable and healthy tourism by bike. We aim to share our beloved destinations with you, ensuring you leave with cherished memories of a truly remarkable experience.

Services for your biking holiday

Ride without thoughts

We are here to make your vacation special by offering stress-free services. We find the right e-bike for you from numerous rental options. We deliver your bike directly to the starting point and offer a shuttle service for retrieval from accommodations and stations.